Sunday , April 22 2018
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Government to take immediate action against Young Doctors

Lahore: A Joint press conference was held by MTA and Movement from restoration of PMA. The core issue was to discuss the current dead lock between young doctors and Health department.

The stubbornness of both is causing extreme damage to already suffering middle and lower income class people.The public is losing their trust not only on Government authorities but also to the pious and self-sacrificing profession of medicine and already deteriorating condition of Government Hospitals.

The joint press conference demanded from the sensible person in the Government to take immediate action on this matter because these doctors on hunger strike are neither the enemy of this country nor they are adversary to general public.

The doctors also condemn the action taken by the police on young doctors and demanded immediate negation for resolution of this crisis once and for all.
The meeting was participated by the most senior professors from all medical colleges, practitioners and doctors from private sector.

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