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Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf condemns Afzal Guru execution

Lahore: The execution of Afzal Guru is the product of anti Pakistan hysteria that has gripped India these days, said Shafqat Mahmood, Secretary Information Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf. “As the Indian elections are drawing near the main political parties in India are trying to prove their nationalistic credentials by whipping up public sentiments against Pakistan. Unfortunately, the Indian media has become more than a willing partner in this exercise” Shafqat felt. Despite less than convincing evidence, as has been brought out by Arundhati Roy in a revealing article, the ruling party went ahead with Guru’s execution just to prove more nationalistic than the opposition. Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf condemns this rush to execution in which the “all the institutions of Indian democracy have played their part in putting him to death” as aptly put by Ms. Roy.

The reaction in occupied Kashmir to Guru’s hanging, said Shafqat, aptly demonstrates the recklessness of the Indian ruling elite. “At a time when leadership of both countries should be trying to move forward on the composite dialogue and resolve disputes, the deliberate attempt in India to escalate tension is most unfortunate” he said.

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