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Shahbaz govt fails to deliver in Punjab, how they could change Pakistan: Kaira

kairaLahore: Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Qamar Zaman Kaira has said that Punjab government led by Shahbaz Sharif had failed to deliver in Punjab province and how they could claim to change Pakistan.

While talking to media here at Lahore,Qamar Zaman Kaira said the
Chief Minister of Punjab was holding 22 ministries alone which was
contrary to his tall claims of good governance and democratic
culture in the province.

He criticized PML(N)’s slogan that they have changed Punjab
and now they will change Pakistan.”Nothing has changed in the Punjab. There is corruption in every department in the province. Schools have no teachers and other facilities,” he added.

Qamar Zaman Kaira pointed out that there was corruption in
police stations, Patwari system and other department.He said that corruption was ruling the Punjab province and those trying to deceive public would have to face public wrath in next general elections.

He said the federal government had provided funds to the
provinces, but the Punjab government had spent funds only in one
city.He said he wanted to ask the Chief Minister Punjab to pay
attention to other cities and districts of Punjab as well. “If all the budget of Punjab is spent in Lahore, the people of
Southern Punjab will be right in raising their voice for their
rights,” he added

He criticized the policies of PML-N leadership and said the
Punjab government had failed to deliver. Punjab government had
spoiled billions of rupees in ‘Tandoors’ and Laptop schemes.

The Information Minister said that PML-N not existed in
Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan province and several
cities of Punjab but had emerged as the party of Lahore and its
surroundings, adding, the PML-N had discriminated against the
people of South Punjab.

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