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PTI flays thrashing of PIA employee by PPPP MNA’s son

Lahore: The present populist “democratic” civil political government took to power and started defying the pre-requisites of democracy the first and the foremost of which is rule of law. A very recent example is the brutal beating of a PIA employee at Jinnah International Airport, Karachi by PPP MNA Sher Mohammad Baloch’s son. Nauroz ended up beating the national flagship carrier’s reservation supervisor, Allah Dino Jatoi which caused panic among PIA staff members, who closed down the reservation office in protest. PTI strongly condemns such misuse of power by the children of those in office. How can the government make claims to ensure rule of law when its own MPs and their children are not abiding by law? Previously there have been many cases like Shahzeb Murder Case, Nafeesah Shah Case, PML-N MPA brutally beating a junior clerk, Shahbaz Sharif’s son in law torturing a boy at the bakery in Lahore and many more cases which were also reported on the media and are examples of both the federal and provincial government’s insensitivity towards the law.

It is not new or unique that any political party basing its politics on populism and claiming to be democratic resorts to such tactics which the ruling parties have been using since the day it won general elections in February 2008. PTI strongly believes in ensuring equal rights and justice for all citizens of Pakistan regardless of their cast, creed or office they hold. A democracy which ridicules and disobeys rules, laws and the constitution is but a criminal democracy, like the one we have in Pakistan. The sitting government’s tenure of 5 years is marred by mega corruption scams, sky-rocketing inflation, dismal governance, court defiance, terrorism, worsening law and order, grave energy crisis and ailing economy. PTI once in power will take all the steps necessary to uphold the rule of law and maintain law and order in the country.

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