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A 5th National Cancer Surgery Conference concludes in Lahore

Lahore: A 5th National Cancer Surgery Conference, under the auspicious of Pakistan Surgical Cancer Society, was held in Lahore which was attended by senior and junior doctors and a large number of cancer specialists from inside and outside countries. During the conference, medical experts presented articles on their research related to cancer diseases. During question-answer session, different aspects were discussed in detail regarding various kinds of cancer diseases, causes and treatments.

In closing session, Executive Committee Meeting of Pakistan Surgical Cancer Society was held under the chairmanship of Professor Arshad Cheema. In the meeting, the society unanimously elected office bearers for the year 2013-14. Professor Zafar Ali Chaudhry as President of Society while Dr. Tayyab Abbas General Secretary, Dr. Ayesha Shokat Lady General Secretary, Dr. Amar Ali Syed Senior Vice President, Professor Mehmood Ayaz Vice President, Dr. Khalid Cheema Finance Secretary, Dr. Muhammad Latif Clinical Secretary, Dr. Usman Imtiaz Media Coordinator and Professor Khalid Durani elected as Pattern of society.

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