Wednesday , February 26 2020
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Suicide attacks are unjustified and unislamic :Sunni Itihad Council

Sahibzada Fazal e Kareem Lahore:The fifty Ulemas form Sunni Itihad Council have solemned suicide attacks unjustified,unislamic and Harrams in joint declaration.the other Ulemas from different school of thought were also second this solemn and said Islam has given right to live and nobody have authority to murder any human being.All the people who take innocent people lives will be sent to hell.Murder of innocent people and Muslims is the great evil on the earth.Those who are killing people in the name of Jihad are the greatest evil on the earth that is weakening Islam and the Pakistan.

The Ulemas said Jihad is an integral part of Islam but it could not be started without the reasons.America had attacked Iraq and Afghanistan and is killing Muslims but it does not mean that innocent people are being killed by the Jihadies. It is unislamic to revenge from law abiding citizens.They also declared any kind of cooperation with America unislamic and said battle of field is Afghanistan not Pakistan.So the people who are fighting against America are doing Jihad and the people who are doing suicide attacks and killing in Pakistan are doing greater sin.

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