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Shahbaz Sharif visits Metro Bus Rout

Lahore: Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif visited metro bus project, without security for three hours during the rain and reviewed pace of work on the project at various places.He started his visit from Shahdara and reviewed the pace of work up to Ittefaq bus station. Director General LDA Ahad Cheema, Managing Director Punjab Metro Bus Authority and provincial authorities accompanied the Chief Minister
CM PUNJAB-3During the visit of the Chief Minister, the traffic continued to flow smoothly. while talking to the people who had gathered at different places said that Punjab government has written a new history by completing the biggest project of the country with a sum of Rs. 30 billion in a record period. He said that Zardari and his cronies have only looted national resources and filled their pockets during the last about five years while provincial government of Pakistan Muslim League-N has undertaken record development activities. He said that metro bus service is a masterpiece of architecture and a unique example of transparency, standard and speed. He said that Zardari and his cronies cannot execute such project even by spending 200 billion rupees as their only interest is corruption. He said that while the elite enjoyed excellent transport facilities during the last 65 years, the poor and the common man faced only problems. He said that metro bus service will now change this tradition. He said that the biggest project of Pakistan’s history is being inaugurated on February 10 and will give a new identity to Lahore. He said that modern metro bus service will rid the people of traffic problems and long wait for buses. He said that he will give certificates to engineers and cash prizes to laborers who have worked on metro bus project.While terming the metro bus project a unique and a masterpiece of architecture, they said that Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif is Khadim-e-Punjab and Sher Shah Suri of modern era in real sense and everyone surprises to see the pace of work and quality of the project. Citizens paid rich tributes to Chief Minister on completing metro bus project in a record period.

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