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Elections are inevitable to save the country:Tahir ul Qadri

Allama Tahir ul Qadri addressing Awami Tehrek genera council meetingAwami Tehrek 03-02-13Awami TehrekAt 3-2-13Lahore: Sheikh ul Islam Allama Tahir ul Qadri has said that elections are inevitable to save the country but electoral reforms are also unavoidable,he was talking to Pakistan Awami Tehrek ‘s general council meeting here,at model town.A large public gathering was seen at the occasion.
Allama Tahir ul Qadri said Ali Baba’s and fourty thieves were trembling with the article 62,63.We believe in a democracy that protects common man rights,if election would held under present system,only looters and plunderers would only come forward.I will fight for mothers,sisters,brothers,sons,daughters and for the hopeless people of the country.He said we won’t bear delay in elections.
He said ,he wanted such a transparent system where MNA,MPA,Ministers could not make money through corruption.
Sheikh ul Islam said if he did not sign accord immediately to save constitution and democracy than army could have taken over.He said, he could lead hundred long march for the sake of justice and rule of law in the country.
Earlier ,Dr Tahir ul Qadri quits from the chairmanship of the Pakistan Awami Tehrek,while Dr Raheeq Abbasi was elected as a party president,Khurram Nawaz Gandapur secretary general and Qazi Faiz ul Islam was elected as a secretary information.

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