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Senator Kamran Michael demands apology from Rehman Malik

Lahore: Kamran Micheal has said that Interior Minister Rehman Malik has hurt the feelings of minorities by declaring them as terrorists for which he should apologize in the parliament.

Senator Kamran Michael while reacting to the statement of Rehman Malik declaring terrorists as non-Muslims, has said that inspite of being non-Muslim, the minorities are patriotic Pakistani and their hearts are filled with the love of Pakistan. He said minorities are the flag-bearers of peace and striving for promotion of harmony and tranquility in the country. He said that being a non-Muslim does not mean that one is a terrorist and the history and track record of minorities of the country is a proof the fact that they have always supported efforts for world peace and presented a beautiful image of Pakistan before the world. Kamran Michael said that terrorists have no religion and they shed the blood of innocent people indiscriminately for the achievement of their nefarious designs.

Kamran Michael further said that the nation can hardly afford the anti-Pakistan statements of Rehman Malik and he is again and again hurting the feelings of the people by giving non-serious statements. He further said that Rehman Malik should tender an apology to the nation before the parliament as patriotism cannot be judged on the basis of religion. He said that such statements are tarnishing the soft image of Pakistan. Kamran Michael said that he as a non-Muslim public representative will continue to stage protest until Rehman Malik tendered an apology.

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