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Shafqat Mahmood expresses dismay over NAB’s letter

Shafqat-Mahmood1Lahore: Information Secretary PTI, Shafqat Mahmood is surprised on the release of a private letter to national media, written to the President of Pakistan by Admiral Fasih Bukhari, Chief of National Accountability Bureau (NAB).  He described the content of the letter a direct hit to the Supreme Court (SC).

This, he said, goes to explain that the government neither wants to follow the rules of running the country, nor wishes to follow the orders of the courts. The situation has deteriorated to an extent that one of the Judges of the bench hearing RPP case had to advise the government to pass a corruption bill so that courts would have a fair reason to let corruption survive and grow.

He said that President Zardari has been buying time to complete what he considers five years of democracy, while putting the welfare of the people and the country to the backburner. When the leadership would not take courts seriously, can we expect an ordinary person doing the same? We certainly believe that no one should be allowed to make money at the expense of making the country pauper.  Pakistan is almost broken financially through projects such as RPP.

Unless, the culprits are bought to books, as has been ordered by the SC, Pakistan would not emerge from the state of economic paralysis.   He said that Chief of NAB, now that he is once again attracting contempt of court, should answer, as to why and on whose insistence he had written the letter and then got it surreptitiously published?  He should inform the country why he has allowed corruption Flourish by not taking actions against the accused so far?  Shfaqat Mahmood further said that had it not been for the Supreme Court, NAB would not have taken action against those in the government involved in corruption.

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