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APCNGA announces nationwide protest, sit-in schedule

Gias Abdullah ParachaLahore: The All Pakistan CNG Association (APCNGA) on Thursday held Adviser to Prime Minister on Petroleum and Natural Resources Dr. Asim responsible for energy crisis which has resulted in economic downturn, sluggish growth and massive unemployment.

Energy crunch will remain a serious challenge confronting country unless the incompetent Adviser Petroleum is removed, said .

Speaking at a press conference here, he said that the artificial crisis of gas should be settled immediately restoring supply to industries and CNG filling stations across Punjab according to the former schedule otherwise we will launch countrywide protest movement from Feb 2.

He informed that APCNGA will start protect from Bhawalpur which would be followed by protest in Multan on Feb 03 and Vehari while a rally will be carried out in Faisalabad on Feb 04, Feb 05 in Gujranwala and afterwards in Lahore, Rawalpindi and Karachi.

Paracha warned that sit-ins would be staged in Lahore and Islamabad on Feb 10th if authorities failed to accept legitimate demands of the CNG sector.

He said that incompetence of Dr. Asim has paralysed whole country and the critical energy sector which has contributed to closure of hundreds of thousands of businesses and left millions of poor jobless triggering multiple social problems in this era of double digit inflation.

The leader of the CNG sector added that LPG-air mix and LNG import projects are scams of bigger magnitude having far more serious repercussions than the infamous Rental Power Projects in which nation was deprived of billions.

The moves regarding liquid gas have been initiated to benefit few influential and crook businessmen on the cost of country which should not be tolerated, he said.

Reposing full confidence in the private sector energy experts, Ghiyas Abdullah Paracha said that energy crisis can be resolved within few months if a high-powered committee is formed having full representation of the private sector.

Such a move will put economy back on tract and give hope to dejected masses that are being punished for the greed and selfishness of few who are focused on making as much illegitimate wealth as possible in few months.

He said that the landmark decision of the Islamabad High Court terming GIDC illegal has proved truth of APCNGA claims which is victory of masses.

Paracha asked the civil society to take note of the issue and help CNG operators to get the issue resolved.

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