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Tailor master becomes PTI Kohat president

Hamyaun ahmen tailerLahore: A new chapter of political transformation has taken place inHamayun Chacha the country’s history as a peasant has been elected as district president of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Kohat in the party’s intra-party polls held on Tuesday in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Humayon Khan is a tailor by profession, who had dared to challenge the traditional status-quo and the hold of rich and influential families over political offices.

However, his dream of winning the polls came true – thanks to a fair and equal chance provided to the common workers by the party’s chairman Imran Khan in the intra-party polls.

This has also proved that the slogan of bringing about a revolutionary change in the country through political transformation by Imran Khan is true in nature as a son of peasant has been elected by PTI’s ideological workers, smashing the traditional hold of feudal, affluent and industrialists on the party leaderships.

“A new era of change has dawned, as I have been elected to the district’s highest office. I am a daily wage earning only over a hundred rupees but I have been elected as the PTI District Kohat President in the recently held intra-party elections,” said Humayon Khan.

The Party Chairman Imran Khan, PTI President Makhdoom Javed Hashmi, Vice Chairman Shah Mahmood Qureshi and other parties’ senior leadership congratulated Humayon on his victory, stating that he was not alone in the party and many peasants and labourers are being elected.

The election of Humayun Chacha as the PTI President Kohat is a good omen, which is widely seeing a step towards the right direction of a change.

Humayun’s election may took the status quo parties by surprise, as it never happened in the history of the country that a man from the unprivileged class became a district president of any major party, but what the PTI has kept on saying prove true.

The PTI has strongly believed in transpiring of power to the grass root level and wanted an end to the vicious cycle of dynastic politics and the election of Humayon has proved the claim true.

The PTI is not mere believe in slogan of a change like rest of the parties of the country, but it has proved that it is the real voice of the masses, in which even an ordinary man can become a chairman of the party.

The news of Humayun’s becoming the PTI president has spread in the country like a wild fire, as it rare happens in feudal and dynastic political system that a son of peasant could win over against strong and wealthiest opponents, hoping that his election would not only help break the shackles of family-hold politics, but would also help lead towards the real change.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chief Election Commissioner, Hamid Khan said that the intra-party elections of the PTI will uproot the prevailing rotten political culture and introduce real democracy in Pakistan. He added that, history is in the making. “It will not only be the foundation of real democracy in the country but also uproot dynastic politics in the country, holding fake and dummy party elections and life-time chairpersonships.”

The election is a practical demonstration to provide democratic rights to the common man to choose his leaders. PTI through these intra party elections has provided maximum opportunity to the youth to lead and has also provided a platform to the common man to come forward and spread the message of Imran Khan. PTI internal election in Kohat which have been won by Humayun Chacha who is a tailor master is an example of this revolution. Hamid Khan said, “These are the largest party elections ever held in Pakistan. The number of our members keeps increasing with every passing day as there is so much enthusiasm and passion in our supporters. This explains why there has been a delay in completing this process, but we take this passion and zeal of our supporters positively.”

It is true that we have faced problems due to the increase in number of our members and the massive scale on which the task is being conducted. There have internal rifts, delays and disciplinary issues specifically in KPK as cases have reported as well. PTI Election Commission has taken serious notice had has taken action to resolve the matter. However, we don’t look at it negatively; it is a healthy competition and part of the democratic process. As a result PTI will be able to elect honest and dedicated leadership in a transparent and credible manner. PTI workers have laid the foundation of change and a new Pakistan will emerge from these polls. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf strongly believes without internal democracy in political parties there can be no real democracy in the country.

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