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DG Health is responsible for measles in Punjab:YDA Pakistan

Lahore: YDA Pakistan Office bearers have fixed the responsibility of the measles epidemic in punjab leading to hundreds of cases and deaths of more than 4 babies in lahore on DG Health Punjab, Director EPI program Punjab and Secretary Health and Chief Secretary Punjab and demands resignation from them . they said that Real Performance of Punjab Govt in the Measles epidemic in Punjab till today is a total failure.
The young doctors through media presented the following questions to the public,media and government

1. When more than 5 cases start coming from one union council then it
is an epidemic and much more are coming now but why has it not been
declared an epidemic uptil now ?

2. In 2006 Mass Vaccination was done from 6 months age onwards and for next 3 years very few cases came up but why no mass vaccination
campaign started yet or has been done in last 3 years ,despite of soo
many patients ?? No guidelines have been issued to preventive paeds
dpts uptil now for mass vaccination .

3. In epidemics the vaccination campaigns r started from children of 6months age and in routine it is done from 9 months age , why hasn’t
the age limit been officially decreased to the 6 months age uptil now
? How will u provide immunity to patients from 6 months to 9 months ?

4. Why haven’t the booster doses been given to children who have had a first dose at 9 months of age ??
The booster doses provide 90 percent of the immunity to the patients
and if no booster is given then immunity is 20 percent .

In the end the young doctors asked that Who is responsible for all
this chaos ? it is worth mentioning that a baby iman of 5 months age
lost her live today in lahore because of measles . YDA further said
that they r moving to lahore high court on this issue .

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