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Rehman Malik made senseless prediction:PTI

Lahore: Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf has termed Interior Minister Rehman Malik’s statement in which he said that “Government, Agencies to be blamed if Karachi falls” as incomprehensible. Taking strong exception to this Rehman Malik Information Secretary Shafqat Mahmood said, “What does the Interior Minister mean when he says that Karachi is going to fall? Is he God forbid saying that Karachi will no longer be a part of the country? And fall to whom? Is he referring to a foreign force or something else?”

Said Information Secretary PTI that “ In the same breath while predicting the ‘fall’ of Karachi Rehman Malik is also saying the government and agencies will be responsible for this catastrophe”. Is he not the government? And are the agencies not working for the government, asked Shafqat Mahmood. Since they obviously are, whom is Rehman Malik blaming? Himself?

PTI is of the considered opinion that the PPP government at the centre and in Sindh is responsible for the terrible situation in Karachi in which thousands of innocent citizen have lost their lives. Instead of making dire predictions about Karachi what the PPP government should be doing is to ensure that security is provided to the citizen of Karachi. It has clearly been unable to do that, said Shafqat, and its Interior Minister instead of doing something is resorting tobizarre statements.

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