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PPP Gujranwala President Abdullah Virk Joins PTI?

Imran Khan talking with party workersLahore: Ex-MNA and PPP Gujranwala President Muhammad Abdullah Virk has joined Joined Pakistan Tehrek e Insaf along with his hundreds of companions.
Imran kHanImran KhanAbdullah Virk is a renowned political figure in the area. In a meeting with Chairman Imran Khan here in Lahore, Abdullah Virk showed full confidence in the leadership of Imran Khan.His joining was warmly greeted and welcomed by the PTI workers. PTI? arranged a simple but graceful ceremony on his joining.Chairman Imran Khan attended the joining ceremony of Abdullah Virk and termed that Abdullah Virk joining would make party more stronger in Gujranwal.

At the occasion,Imran khan mixed up with the locals and the party workers and said forth coming election would decide the future of the Pakistan.He said that fair and free elections were inevitable to put the country back on the road of progress and prosperity.People must have to vote the honest and patriotic candidates if they wont that they will have to pay the price for their wrong decisions.

Imran Khan claimed that only the PTI have the ability to bring change and youth is its power.If youth would come out from their homes and played their role than no one could become hindrance in the way of change and a developed Pakistan.

PTI workers of Kamoke strongly contended that the PTI tsunami has reached Kamoke and this will be proved in the next elections when PTI will have landslide victory in area. He said that the status quo parties have failed in their duty to deliver good governance to the masses. It is only the leadership of PTI Chairman Imran Khan that any hope for justice, humanity and self esteem exists for the people of Pakistan. When PTI comes to power it will bring peaceful transformation of Pakistan and ensure welfare for the common man.

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