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People will not accept Punjab’s division:MPA Adil Abdullah Khan Rokhari

Adil Abdullah Khan Rokhari  with CMLahore: Member Provincial Assembly, Adil Abdullah Khan Rokhari has said that PPP has tried to usurp the rights of Mianwali by including Mianwali in the proposed province. This drama of PPP will flop badly as it will have to face strong reaction of the people. He said that Governor Punjab is equally involved in the conspiracy of including Mianwali in the new province and at an appropriate time the other characters will also be exposed.
In a statement, Adil Abdullah Rokhari said that setting up of the so-called province is an untimely and aimless stunt of PPP. He said that PPP spent five years in setting records of corruption and at this time when the elections are near, the federal government has made the establishment of the new province its top priority. He said that Governor Punjab and PPP should remember that without two-thirds majority of Punjab Assembly, no new province can be created in Punjab. He said that PPP only wants to use this drama as an election stunt in order to gain support of people but the people are fully aware of this conspiracy and will not be hoodwinked. He said that this drama will cost PPP heavily and the people will badly reject the corrupt gang in the forthcoming elections. He said that PPP and Governor Punjab are trying to deceive the people by misusing the resolution approved by Punjab assembly for creation of new province. He questioned Governor Punjab was Mianwali and Bhakkar also mentioned for inclusion in the proposed province?

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