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Parliamentarians cannot meet Nawaz Sharif:Ch Pervaiz Elahi

Photo CPELahore: Pakistan Muslim League senior central leader and Deputy Prime Minister Ch Parvaiz Elahi has said that if the people want restoration of local bodies system, which guarantees their service and development, they should vote for PML in the next election and ensure its victory.
Addressing a big gathering of former Nazims, Naib Nazims, Councilors and notables of four Union Councils of NA 105 of Gujrat today, Ch Parvaiz Elahi said that during our tenure as the Chief Minister we had eliminated politics of false cases but Shahbaz Sharif has been doing the same during last five years, Gujrat is our home we will contest elections from here, N-League has done nothing for Punjab what to talk about Gujrat alone, funds of 35 districts including Gujrat have been wasted on “Jangla” Bus in Lahore, we had served the people of entire province without any discrimination. Continuing, Ch Parvaiz Elahi said that in the recent bye-elections N-League established records of rigging to the extent that even Election Commission also admitted in the bye-election of Gujrat PML candidate Mian Imran Masood had been successful. He said that the parliamentarians themselves cannot meet Nawaz Sharif, how they are going to let people meet him, we provided employment opportunities in Punjab, put it on the path of progress, development and prosperity, we provided free education, medicines and started service like 1122 adding that the people should not be fooled by N-League now.

Ch Parvaiz Elahi said that PML would put up its candidates all over the country including Gujrat and secure victory with clear majority and in the next elections PML’s role in Punjab will be very important, He said that intention of Shahbaz Sharif is bad and his every plan and scheme prove hub of corruption instead of being blessed with success, our intention was good and thus we were able to complete big projects all over the province and made the Punjab for the first time in the history a surplus province. Federal Minister Ch Wajahat Hussain in his address said we are out to reconcile with our angry friends and as such it is our submission that all colleagues and friends should join hands and work together for PML.

He said we have to make Gujrat stronghold of Pakistan Muslim League once again. Former Provincial Education Minister Mian Imran Masood said that present Punjab Govt has not started any major project in Gujrat during last five years and utilized all funds of Gujrat in Jaati Umrah. The gathering was also addressed by Mehr Irshad Muhammad Arshad, Mehr Muhammad Ali Ilyas, Ch Naseer A. Sindhu, Ch Zahid Bhatti, G. A. Khan, Mohammad Jamil, Dildar Bhutto, Inamul Haq, Hakim Zulfiqar, Anwar Ali Shah, Zaheer Butt, Mehboob Dar, Raja Sikander, Haji Amjad, Mehr Azam, Raja Muhammad Arif, Ch Ajmal, Ch Usman, Ch Safdar Warraich, Ghazi Khokhar, Zahoor Ahmad Mughul, and Lala Hameed Mughul among others while those sitting on the stage included MPA s Khalid Asghar Ghural and Abdullah Yousuf, Mirza Jamshed, Ch Saadat Nawaz, Ch Ejaz Mian, Haneef Haideri, Ahmad Shah Gujrati, Zulfiqar Paan and other leaders.

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