Saturday , October 20 2018
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Another baby died from measles in Mayo Hospital

Lahore: A 5 Months Old Baby namely Muhammad Hussain died at Mayo paeds Unit 1 at 3:00 pm from Measles . This is the 2nd Death from a preventable disease in Lahore. It is failure of Health Dpt but no one has courage to accept it & resign . Who is responsible for the deaths of innocent children ?a Doctor asked.

Meanwhile, Mayo Hospital Angiography Machine remains out of order and 1.5 coror r needed to replace its picture tube but Health Dpt has refused to release funds for it .According to YDA Pakistan Secretary General Dr Salman Kazmi” I personally visited the CCU of Mayo & saw patients begging for the Angiography”. May Allah give the Health Dpt Officials a Heart to feel the pain of the patients who r dying without Angiographies at Mayo and Health secretary takes mercy on them to release 1.5 coror for the machine,he added.


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