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True change can only come through a fair election:Imran Khan

Imran Khan,Javaid HashmiLahore: Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan has said that true change can only come through a free and fair election and through an elected government which comes into power with the people’s mandate. He stressed that the operative words are free and fair. “This is very critical as these are going to be the most important elections in the nation’s history. While addressing a press conference held here at the Media Cell Lahore Imran Khan said Elections that are not free and fair can threaten the integrity of the nation,” .

PTI is determined to do everything possible to ensure that the next election should also be the most fair and free. Imran Khan said that the three critical ingredients for a free and fair election include:

An Election Commission that is not only to be seen to be fair but has the requisite power to ensure that all electoral laws are strictly observed.
A caretaker government that is neutral and seen by all to be as such. In other words the people should be satisfied that it is capable of holding a free and fair election.
A President who is truly a symbol of the state and neutral among all political stakeholders.

Mr. Khan stated that, “we have complete faith in the Chief Election Commissioner but we are not satisfied with the other members of the commission. Therefore we think it needs to be reconstituted and it has been demanded by us in our seven points.” Regarding the second and most critical ingredient which is the formation of the caretaker government, particularly the Prime Minister, the essential criterion has to be the following:

a.The person must be completely neutral/not prejudiced against any party
b.The person must have impeccable personal integrity
c.The person must have respect for national institutions particularly the judiciary
d.The person must commit not to fundamentally change the contours of national policy – in the management of the economy, foreign policy or any other critical national area
e.The person must have basic management ability, so that elections and the government can be managed.

On grounds of these criterions the Chairman said that PTI disagrees with Ms. Asma Jahangir’s nomination as the caretaker premier. “She has a history of opposing PTI and has given statements about it. She is closely aligned with PPP. She has shown continuous disrespect for the judiciary. We therefore do not think that she fits the criterion,” said Mr Khan. It was further added that the President is not a fit to hold a fair and free election. Therefore PTI demands for his resignation.

Imran Khan said that Pakistan has gone through a tumultuous phase in January with Mr. Tahir ul Qadri’s march. He said that “We have great respect for him but events have proved that our analysis was correct. We were under immense pressure to join the march but we maintain that PTI’s stance on the national election differs with Dr. Qadri’s agenda. However the march had two positive outcomes, firstly, that all political parties will be consulted for names and secondly, that all those suggested will be scrutinized for a month.”

Chairman Imran Khan concluded by saying that PTI will be the first democratic party to emerge in Pakistan after the Intra party election and will take whatever steps that are necessary to uphold the constitution and democracy in Pakistan.

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