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Motorways police holds Seerat conference

Seerat conferenceseerat conference

DSC_0280Asia BukhariDIG Rai AltafLahore: Motorway Police N-5 Central has organized the Easy Competition, Naat Competition and Seerat-un- Nabi Conference in connection with the Eid Milad–ul-Nabi celebrations’ to express happiness and deep reverence on the birth day of the Holy Prophet (PBHU). SSP Mirza Faran Baig, SSP Dr Inam Waheed, Ihsan Batalvi, Syed Jameel Asgher Shah and Pir Rasheed were also present on the occasion.

DIG Rai Altaf Hussain chaired the conference while speaking on the occasion he threw light on the life of Prophet Muhammed (PBHU) and delivered views on the importance of this month in Islam. He further said “The day attracts us to continue to make efforts to brighten our days and nights in the light of teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).” DIG Rai Altaf Hussain called Muhammed (PBHU) as role model for the Muslims. He Further said, with the arrival of benefactor of humanity Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH), not only spring came to the land of Arabs but also to the world.

Islamic Scholar Aasia Bukhari while speaking on the occasion said it was only by the following teaching and belief by the Prophet (PBHU) that one could become a true human being and could bring reforms in the society by eradicating social evils and immoral activities. She further said the effort of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) created such a revolution that it changed the lives of people and the auspicious personality of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) united Muslim Ummah and weaved it into a thread.

Pir Rasheed Ahmed another religious scholar while speaking on the occasion said “We should refrain from every action that is unacceptable for anybody’s life, property, dignity, honour and highest human values because it is foundation of religion and is central idea of the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).” Ihsan Batalvi also spoke on the occasion.

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