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Turk businessmen call on CM Punjab

Lahore: An 18-member delegation of Turk businessmen led by Sadi Yildarier, Chief Executive of Pak Turk Businessmen Association called on the Punjab Chief Minister, Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif at Model Town today and offered condolence on the death of Abbas Sharif. Members of the delegation expressing their views on the occasion said that they were deeply grieved over the death of Chief Minister’s brother and equally shared his grief. The Chief Minister said that Turk President, Prime Minister and businessmen have shared our grief by expressing condolence on the death of our brother Abbas Sharif, for which he is thankful to them.

Talking to the delegation of Turk businessmen, Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif said that people of Pakistan and Turkey are tied with love, brotherhood and religious relations. Pakistan is the second home Turk people whereas Turkey is the second home to Pakistani people and people of both the countries have always stood with each other in every hour of trial. He said that no practical steps were taken for enhancing trade cooperation between the two countries during the last 65 years. He said Punjab Government has marched forward in this direction and a number of Turk companies are working on various projects in the province. The Chief Minister said that Turk businessmen and investors are well wishers of Pakistan that is why, they are providing best service to the people through various project. He said earning profit is right of investors but provision of best services to the masses is also essential. He said that Turk companies are working jointly with Punjab Government for this purpose. Shahbaz Sharif expressed his desire that the best Turk Companies should invest in Punjab and assured their business will be provided complete protection. He said that quality, transparency and speedy completion of development projects, is policy of the Punjab government which is being pursued strictly. He said that a modern system of cleanliness has been introduced in the provincial metropolis with the collaboration of Turk companies and its scope is being extended to other big cities of the province like Rawalpindi, Multan, Gujranwala, Sialkot and Faisalabad. He said that the collaboration of Turk companies in public welfare projects like metro bus service is a welcome step. He said that Turk companies are providing technical consultation for this project free of cost and modern system of e-ticketing has been introduced for the convenience of the people under this project. He said that the project of metro bus service is the result of the joint efforts of Punjab government and Turk companies and it will help in enhancing bilateral relations. Shahbaz Sharif said that half of the traffic problems are eliminated by providing best parking facilities and keeping this fact in view, the work is going on speedily on the projects of modern parking plazas in Lahore. He said that Lahore Parking Company is actively consulting Turk company AZPAK in this regard. The Chief Minister said that like Istanbul, modern parking facilities are being provided in Lahore city. He said that vast opportunities of investment exist in Pakistan, particularly Punjab in energy, livestock, infrastructure and other sectors and Turk companies should take benefit from it. He said that a modern slaughter house has been set up in Lahore due to which not only quality meat is being provided to the people of Punjab but foreign exchange is also being earned by exporting meat. He said that Punjab government is pursuing a comprehensive programme of promotion of livestock and on the pattern of Lahore, such modern slaughter houses will also be constructed in other cities of the province due to which the breeders will benefit and quality of meat will also improve. He stressed upon Turk companies associated with livestock sector to come forward and work with Punjab government in livestock sector. He disclosed that a theme park will be constructed in provincial metropolis and Turk investors can consider extending cooperation for it.

Members of the Turk delegation expressing their views on this occasion said that vast opportunities of investment exist in Pakistan, particularly Punjab, and they are willing to work with Punjab government in livestock, parking, energy, housing and other sectors. They said that they have also inspected the modern slaughter house in the provincial metropolis and will also enhance bilateral cooperation in this sector. The delegation of Turk businessmen included business personalities associated with construction, parking, livestock and other sectors.

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