Friday , June 22 2018
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Canadian Qadri can not contest in elections:Rana Sana

Lahore: Provincial Minister for Law, Rana Sanaullah Khan has termed Rana Sanaand said that as Maulana and his son have dual nationality therefore cannot take part in elections.

In a statement, Rana Sanaullah said that just as Maulana got political asylum in Canada under the name of Abdul Shakoor, similarly he is trying to deceive the people by telling a lie that he has decided not to contest elections. Rana Sanaullah said that the people have seen the logical end of so-called long march of Maulana Qadri which concluded in the alliance of Zardari and Qadri. He said it is a cruel joke that while innocent children, women and elders were left at the mercy of weather, Maulana Qadri relaxed in a royal container. He said that the true mentality of Maulana has been exposed to the people and he cannot befool them any longer. He said Maulana’s announcement not to contest elections is also an attempt to hoodwink the people as it is an open secret that Maulana and his son cannot take part in elections due to having dual nationality.

Rana Sanaullah said that Maulana Madari should show mercy to the people and spend his life in praying to Allah Almighty instead of trying to undermine democratic system.

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