Friday , July 19 2019
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Islamabad declaration is a victory of democracy:Saleem Bhatti

Lahore: Muhammad Saleem Bhatti Secretary Information PPP District Bahawalpur on Friday termed the Islamabad declaration a victory of democracy. “It is the victory of the policy of reconciliation as envisioned by Shaheed Benazir Bhutto,” he stated while talking to media men at a local meeting here .He congratulated President Asif Ali Zardari and his team along with the whole nation for the agreement which had conveyed Pakistan’s image as a peaceful country to the world. “We are against the corruption, terrorism and extremism,” he added. He felicitated the people of the long march who have been sitting in the cold weather in a peaceful and democratic manner to strengthen democracy. It was such a peaceful gathering which ended in to the victory of whole nation struggling for democratic norms. He said the Islamabad declaration would be implemented with its letter and spirit, which would help to strengthen democracy. Election will be held on time under free, fair and independent election commission

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