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Dr Tahirul Qadri’s protest was a written script:Liaqat Baloch

Liaqat baloch Lahore: Secretary General, Jamaat e Islami, Liaqat Baloch, has said that the drop seen of Dr Tahirul Qadri’s protest drama showed this all was done according to a written script.

In his comments, he said it was really surprising that Dr Qadri should sign an agreement with the same people whom he had been branding as cheats, dacoits, insane,   anti people, plunderers, etc, and demanding their resignation. One failed to understand what revolution Dr Qadri had brought, and how he had freed the masses from the clutches of the corrupt and incompetent rulers, he remarked.

The fact, he said, was that although Dr Qadri adopted an aggressive posture on the basis of his oratory, he had set the tradition of a U-turn and surrender before the corrupt and tyrant rulers.

He said, Dr Qadri had now practically become a part of the ruling alliance and President Zardari had shrewdly added yet another feather in his ruling crown.  He however said that in fact the firm stand taken by the democratic parties in the Opposition at Lahore meeting, in the defense of the democracy and the constitution, had exposed the whole drama.

He said, the country could not afford any new adventure or any supra constitutional measure. The interim government would have to be set up with the national consensus and not by the ruling clique. The Chief Election Commissioner and the Election Commission members had restored the confidence of the masses in the Election Commission through hard labour and the rulers would not be allowed to dismantle that.

The nation, he said,  believed that fair, free, impartial and transparent elections were the only way to bring about a real change, and that it could take revenge from the incompetent and anti people rulers through their vote.




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