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APCNGA rejects ECC’s LPG-air mix decision


The All Pakistan CNG Association (APCNGA) on Thursday rejected the recent decision of the ECC to mix air in the LPG and pump it in the gas pipelines to reduce gas shortages.

The move is against national interests which is a conspiracy to benefit few influential which will deprive masses of Rs 60 billion annually, said Ghiyas Abdullah Paracha, Chairman Supreme Council APCNGA.

He said that implementation of the controversial decision will hike cost of doing business and leave our products uncompetitive in the international markets which will put additional strain on forex reserves and amplify trade deficit.

The decision will result in closure of thousands of businesses, unemployment and law and order issues, he added.

Ghiyas Abdullah Paracha said that decision taken despite resistance of Ogra will hike cost of gas by ten per cent which will jack up price of roti as well as cost of living which will drive millions more below the poverty line.

Leader of the CNG sector said that a massive scandal is in the making and Supreme Court to take note of the development to safeguard the interests of masses before it is too late.

Lashing out at the Adviser to the PM on Petroleum Dr, Asim Hussian, he said that he seems just interested in promoting mafias and pointing towards problems but has failed miserably to resolve anything owing to lack of interest and basic knowledge.

He said that the LPG-air mix decision is result of lack of understanding of the decision makers or they were simply interested in promoting the interests of few on the cost of while nation which merits a probe.

He said that direct use of LPG will be more economical while mixing it in the pipeline will hike its cost more that the furnace oil.

No country in the world outside Argentina is using air-mix plants as it is the costliest solution of gas shortages in presence of the cost-effective ways out.

Raising questions over the pace of implementation of the decision he said that APCNGA rejects the government’s claim that the decision will not burden domestic consumers.

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