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Rehman Malik would be responsible for suicide attack:Tahir ul Qadri

Islamabad: Tahir ul Qadri addressing from his container in IslamabdAllama Tahir ul Qadri has said if protesters were attacked by any suicide bomber then Interior Minister Rehman Malik would by responsible for this attack.While addressinf to the participants of the sit-in,Allama tahir ul Qadri said ,Rehman Malik was continuously threatening for suicide attack,if it happened ,Rehman Malik would accountable for that.

Sheikh ul Islam said that Rehman Malik was a lier ,he was sending daily police commandos to kidnap him.He didn’t see such a great lier like Rehman Malik.He refused to make comments on All Parties conference at raiwind and said that Long March reached at Islamabd despite all the mean attempts of the Punjab government.He said when there was sea of people every where than it must be caled a billion march rather million march.Tahir ul Qadri claimed that rulers have fled away from Islamabad and soon they will announce the acceptance of his demands.All the shops were open in the city and it was a clear proof of our peaceful protest.

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