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Civil society demonstrate for the continuity of democracy

Civil Society-3civil society protest in front of Punjab Assembly 16-1-13Civil Society-1ACivil Society-1Civil Society-2Lahore: A big demonstration was held in front of Punjab Assembly for the stability and continuity of democratic process which was attended by lawyers, parliamentarians, civil society, male and female students and thousands of people from all walks of life. The traffic jammed due to participation of a large number of democratic-friendly people.

The demonstrators lit the candles while young generation expressed their commitment that no one would be allowed to derail the democracy. The participants expressed the pledge that the candle lit for democracy would be protected at every cost. Former President Supreme Court Bar Asma Jehangir herself raised slogans “HUM CHEEN KE LEIN GEY AZADI” and in favour of democracy.

Deputy Speaker Punjab Assembly Rana Mashhood Ahmed Khan, Asma Jehangir, I.A. Rehman, parliamentarians, male and female students, people from all walks of life attended in a large number. The demonstrators were carrying various play cards and banners bearing slogans in favour of democracy, democratic system and acceptance of public mandate.
Deputy Speaker Punjab Assembly Rana Mashhood Ahmed Khan has said that the conscious and brave people of Pakistan fully know how to defend their constitutional and democratic rights and will not allow anyone to take unconstitutional step and now the change will come only through vote. He said that accountability is must but would be through election.
While addressing on the occasion, Asma Jehangir said that if Tahir ul Qadri wants to do politics he should contest elections and ‘Imported Moulvi’ will realize his position. She asked Tahir ul Qadri to go back at the same flight on which he came. While giving message to the anti-democracy forces she said that country cannot be run without political parties. She said the people are democratic and politically conscious and will not allow anybody to derail the democracy. She said that our youth, our daughters and sons and ‘black coat’ are guarantee of clean and transparent elections. She said had not been democracy in the country, we would not have to listen to an imported maulvi for three days. She said that ‘Mian Mithu Moulvi’ has read the constitution but did not read the clause of the constitution as to how the members of the Election Commission can be removed. If he has read he would not talk about the constitution of the Election Commission, she added.

Later, the participants lit candles at the stairs of Punjab Assembly for the stability and continuity of democracy. On this occasion full throated slogans were raised in favour of democracy and anti-dictatorial rule. The demonstrators were carrying placards and banners on which slogans were written in favour of democracy, continuity of democracy and stopping the way of dictatorship.

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