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Qadri is acting upon a foreign imperialist agenda:Saleem Bhatti

Lahore: Saleem Bhatti secretary information PPP district Bahawalpur has said on Tuesday while addressing to a forum of main political parties organized by a NGO that the Qadri march is immoral, unconstitutional, non democratic, and against the national law as Qadri is doing civil disobedience and playing with the lives of innocent masses, neither he is a political leader or worker nor he is loyal to Pakistan being holding dual nationality.

Qadry is acting upon a foreign imperialist agenda to derail the democratic norms prevailing in the country as for the first time of political history of Pakistan a democratically elected govt is completing her constitutional tenure. This is why Qadry is not only alone in his move but all the democratic and political forces are condemning his act of dictator ism along with media as well, democracy that we are enjoying to day is the result of our sacrifices. Our slain leader Benazir Bhutto sacrificed her life along with our workers for democracy.

This march has destabilized the economy of Pakistan as well, as we are working to strengthen the economy of the country. Saleem Bhatti said we workers of ppp being the largest and strongest political party can march to counter this act for saving democracy. So he pledged party leader ship to allow them to march for democracy and we will teach him a good lesson. Who can deviate from the constitution as constitution is clear about election commission and caretaker setup. Bhatti also said the governor’s rule has been imposed in Balochistan after consulting all the stakeholders, including the political parties. So it was a just decision based on the need of the hour.

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