Friday , June 22 2018
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Imran Khan announces Tsunami March towards Islamabad

imran press confLahore:Pakistan Tehrek -e-Insaf has decided to hold Tsunami march towards Islamabad if govt would not announce interim set-up with the consultation of all the political parties including PTI.

This decision has been taken in a urgent party meeting that was held after the political changes and the Supreme Court orders for the arrest of PM Raja Pervaiz Ashraf under the chair of party chairman Imran Khan.The meeting also decided to support the Apex Court decision.

Meanwhile,Imran Khan has announced the party decisions in a press conference and demanded the govt to immediately announce the schedule of general elections.He presented his seven points declaration and said if these demands were not met than PTI would take Tsunami March to Islamabad and give sit-inn.He asked the govt to announce neutral interim set-up,elections should be on time,President Zardari should resign,ECP should be strong enough to stop rigging,govt should implement the Supreme Courts orders and Election Commission should stop favourite postings of govt employees.

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