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CCP express deep concern at efforts to disrupt the democratic process

Lahore: The Concerned Citizens of Pakistan Society (CCP) express deep concern at efforts being made by some quarters to disrupt the democratic process and place hurdles in the schedule of orderly elections and peaceful transfer of power. Any person who claims to have the interest of Pakistan at heart should publicly renounce any foreign nationality and desist from making illegal/unconstitutional demands which are aimed at creating anarchy. We denounce the manner in which inconsistent statements are issued by a cleric who does not keep his word yet plays on the religious feelings and emotions of his students & followers

We urge the government to take notice of the untimely Supreme Court judgment directing the arrest and investigation of Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf by the National Accountability Bureau regarding his alleged corruption in the rental power plants case.The government should ask for the resignation of the Prime Minister in order that he may meet the charges against him as a private citizen.

The government should nominate a suitable MNA with a clean record to assume the office of prime minister and to seek a vote of confidence from the parliament. .

We also urge the government to appoint a caretaker government in consultation with the leader of the opposition in the parliament The government should forthwith announce a date for the general elections. These measures, if taken by the government in a timely manner, will defuse the explosive situation in which we are placed today. It will also frustrate the evil designs of those who are conniving to destabilize Pakistan.

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