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Imran Khan supports call for removal of Raisani govt

Imran Khan addressing protesters in QuettaQuetta: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Sunday extended full support to the call for immediate removal of Balochistan government and imposition of governor’s rule in the province, stating that the incompetent and inept government had lost its cases in the apex court as well as the court of the people.

Imran Khan made these remarks while addressing a huge gathering of demonstrators from Shia Hazara community here at Alamdar Road as the mourners have been protesting for the past two days along with the bodies of over 185 martyrs against what they called “genocide” of their community by terrorists.

The PTI chief was also accompanied by the PTI leaders Makhdoom Javed Hashmi, Jahangir Khan Tareen and Fauzia Kasuri while the leaders of PTI Balochistan chapter Qasim Khan Suri and others were also present.

Imran Khan especially flown in Quetta from Lahore cancelling all his scheduled meetings to express solidarity with the protesters gathered since Friday at the Alamdar Road where twin blasts had claimed lives of over 100 lives. The demonstrators have been holding demonstration in freezing cold since Friday and demanding for removal of Raisani’s government and handing over the city to the armed forces so that their lives could be saved from terrorists who have been striking Hazara community members at will. Over 1000 people from Hazara community have been killed since the past two years in deadly attacks against the Hazara community.

The PTI chief, while strongly condemning the killing of the innocent people in Balochistan, said the whole country was with them in this hour of mourning.

“Aslam Raisani-led government has failed in protecting the lives and properties of its citizens, therefore, this government has not right to rule anymore and it should immediately sent home and governor’s rule be imposed in the province without any delay,” demanded the PTI chief.

“There is absolutely no future of Pakistan under this government. People are fleeing Balochistan, given the current situation of security,” he said. “The ones who oppress others or inflict violence upon others are neither Muslims, nor humans,” said PTI chief.

Imran Khan observed that the security situation of the country was going from bad to worse, but the government was busy in minting money for financing their elections campaigns and the ruling parties had no concern about the suffering of the people.

The PTI chief said if the governor agrees to the idea, army should be called in to control law and order situation in Balochistan. He asked the federal and Balochistan governments to accept the demands of the grieving relatives of the blast victims.

Imran Khan gave assurance to the protestors that he would not leave them alone in this trying times and said that he would stand by them until justice is done. He deplored the fact that people of Hazara community were being killed in Quetta streets and were being targeted after being dragged out from buses, adding that the Balochistan’s government had failed to deliver, hence it had lost the right to rule and should step down immediately.

Later, while talking to journalists, Imran Khan said that Dr. Tahirul Qadri had taken the decision to launch long march in haste without consulting him. “Had Dr Qadri consulted the PTI, we would have advised him to wait till the formation of caretaker government. The appropriate time to launch the long march would have been when impartial caretakers are not brought in,” said Imran Khan.

He expressed apprehension that if an impartial caretaker government was not installed, it might lead to chaos and anarchy in the country that would cause great destruction.

Khan said the incumbent government did not care about anyone, except for its own interests.

He said that Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) and Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) were taking all decisions with consultation and both were very much on the same page on all issue and they had no concern with the masses’ miseries.

He reiterated his claim that the PTI would not forge electoral alliance with any of the ruling parties whether in the incumbent or provincial governments.

He offered prayers for the departed souls and extended his full support for the Hazara community.

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