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PPP Helping Qadri to Delay Elections:MNA Shakeel Awan

Lahore: PML – N Leader Shakeel Awan (MNA) stated that Rehman Malik had gone to Lahore to encourage Tahir ul Qadri instead of stopping him as both of them shared the same agenda. He said that the PPP was trying to use Qadri’s march as an excuse to delay the elections so that the President, who is retiring in 2013, could be re-elected from the current assemblies just like Musharraf. He pointed out that PPP leaders were making statements in favor of the march whose sole aim was to destabilize democracy.

Shakeel Awan added that the PPP was ready to sell out democracy and plunge Pakistan in to chaos just so that President Zardari could get re-elected by the same assemblies. He said that PML – N was ready to fight any such move tooth and nail.

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