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Manzoor Wattoo has lost his senses:MNA Pervaiz Malik

Lahore: Member National Assembly, Pervaiz Malik has said that Manzoor Wattoo who is notorious for changing party affiliations due to personal interests, has lost his senses due to the worst defeat in bye-elections and in order to save his ministry and point-scoring before his Guru Baba, is now associating Q-League’s MNA Amjad Yasin, with Pakistan Muslim League-N.

Giving his response to Manzoor Wattoo’s efforts to term Amjad Yasin as MNA of Pakistan Muslim League-N, Pervaiz Malik said that the whole world knows that Amjad Ysain is an MNA from Faisalabad, belonging to PML-Q, while his wife had also remained Member National Assembly as member of the Q-League.

Pervaiz Malik said that Manzoor Wattoo has never remained loyal to any political party and having been suffering from political isolation, is now making concocted stories. He said Manzoor Wattoo has always practiced the politics of self-interest and has continuously hurt his own benefactors. He said the history has never spared any corrupt and incompetent politician, whereas Peoples Party would be eliminated completely in the coming elections. He said Manzoor Wattoo has learnt no lesson from the results of bye-elections and would leave politics forever, after total defeat of Peoples Party in forthcoming general elections.

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