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Fog is natural occurrence beyond human control:DIG Rai Altaf

Lahore: Fog is natural occurrence beyond human control but harm to individual life and belongings can be prevented by adopting enhanced precautionary measures within our control said DIG National Highways and Motorway Police N-5 Central Rai Altaf Hussain while directing the officers of central zone to make extraordinary measure to ensure the safety of road users during continuous and enhanced foggy season.

“Motorway Police patrol officers should perform their duties with full devotion and professionalism as accident ratio can go up during the fog and criminal elements can also take advantage of poor weather conditions” said DIG Rai Altaf Hussain. He also asked the officer to make all out efforts to brief the motorists that during the foggy season they should make their travel plan and try to travel between 10:00 am to 06:00 pm, drive slowly, maintain safe distance, ensure that the fog lights and wipers of their vehicle are in working conditions and before the start of their journey contact Motorway police helpline 130 for guidance about road and weather conditions. Similarly, patrol officers of central zone were asked to take effective measure against the vehicles with weak tyres which is major cause of accidents on highways. The officers were asked to use tread gauge to check old and worn out tyres and brief the drivers not to use worn out tyres, replace tyres if its tread is less than 1.6 mm, keep recommended air pressure in tyres, keep useable spare wheel and tools and get periodic wheel balancing and alignment.

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