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District Judiciary Punjab decides to reduce old cases pendency

Lahore: Pursuant to National Judicial Policy (Making) Committee (NJPMC) decisions dated 03.11.2012 qua disposal of New Oldest Category Cases upto 2008 by 31.12.2012, the District Judiciary Punjab had decided a big chunk of oldest cases reducing the pendency from 54112 on 01.11.2012 to 29552 on 07.01.2013. Of course such like hot pursuit requires to be applauded loudly and generously.
The District Judiciary has decided cases 9182 in November and 12639 in December (16 working days) 2012; at average of 10911 cases approx. per month as compared to 4000 approx. per month in the previous 11 months.

This all could happen due to zealous determination and fervor shown by the District Judiciary. This Court laid down a complete plan for achieving the target. District Judiciary entered into this plan with terrific zest. Meeting with District & Sessions Judges all over Punjab was convened on 10.11.2012 to sensitize them regarding task. It was followed by rational distribution of the backlog among available judicial officers with the emphasis on delivery of fair verdicts based on merit. Judicial Officers extended the chamber hours. The Representatives of District and Tehsil Bar Associations were taken on board by District Judiciary.

NJP Implementation Cell manned by Three Monitoring Associates along with One Monitoring Incharge was established for “File to File Tracking Policy”. Coordinator to NJP Cell was in addition to that. Focal Persons in the Districts were also nominated for effective liaison between the Districts and the Cell. Data of New Oldest Category Cases was collected from the District Judiciary for allotting e-numbers and launching software developed by this Court.
Appreciation letters along with 10 laptops (later on enhanced to 20) for Judicial Officers showing optimum level of disposal of New Oldest Cases were announced. Judicial Officers worked harder even beyond 3:30 p.m timings to achieve the target with the cooperation of the bars.
Responsiveness of the Bar and District Judiciary is appreciable. It reflects sense of duty and commitment. District Judiciary is determined to finish the task by end of February, 2013.

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