Monday , May 28 2018
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1,50,000 BISP jobs an election stunt:MNA Khurram Dastgir

Lahore: PML – N Leader Khurram Dastagir (MNA) asked President Zardari where and how he intends to send the 150,000 youth for jobs as announced yesterday. Mr. Dastagir question how the president had randomly created 150,000 jobs abroad for our youth given that the global economy is still in a slump and unemployment is on the rise globally.

He said that the PPP had driven Pakistan’s economy in to the ground but instead of doing anything about that they were more interested in sending people abroad as that allows them to reward Jiyalas and buy votes. He added that this was nothing more than a scheme to trick the poor people of Pakistan again and to mint money off them by promising those people jobs abroad. He urged the PPP to put in the same level effort in to the economy as they do in to schemes aimed at swindling money from the people of Pakistan.

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