Friday , May 25 2018
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Shahbaz made billions in MBSP,blames Raja Riaz

Lahore:Opposition leader in Punjab Assembly Raja Riaz has accused that CM Shahbaz Sharif has made billions of Rupees in Metro Bus Service Project,he was talking to media today outside Punjab Assembly.Raja Riaz said ,if CM himself or PML-N wants to deny this fact than ,come to media and I will prove it.Shahbaz Sharif is doing corruption in the name of good governance and transparency,he continued.

Opposition leader lamented CM Punjab and said he had set worst example by not attending the Governor’s dinner.Shahbaz Sharif not only didn’t attend the dinner but also he stopped the PML-N MPA’s to join the party.
He said the Mughal prince had given the cleanliness of the city contract to Turkish firm in order to make money and to please his friends,his only this act costed the national exchequer in billions,he added.

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