Wednesday , April 25 2018
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PML – N demands end to pre – poll rigging

Lahore: PML-N Leader appealed to the Chief Election Commissioner to take immediate notice of the pre-poll rigging being orchestrated by the PPP led ruling coalition. He added that only weeks before the elections, the PPP had started hiring loyalists on sensitive positions that will be used to influence the election results.

In addition to this, the PM’s discretionary fund had been further increased to a whopping 37 Billion Rupees by cutting funding from crucial national projects like the Bhasha Dam. He said that this was a National Crime and blatant pre-poll rigging where money was being swindled from important mega national projects of Pakistan to fund PPP’s election campaign.

He pointed out that even PPP’s ‘Eid Milan’ party held in Malikwal was enjoyed by Jiyalas on tax payer’s expense. This, he added, was a prime example of how PPP was actively involved in pre-poll rigging using public money. He urged the CEC to take notice of this and save the exchequer from becoming PPP’s election war chest.

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