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Masses have rejected imported agenda:Shahbaz Sharif

Lahore: Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that the nation is fully aware of the negative designs of such imported political jugglers as have willingly got the nationality of other countries and have suddenly appeared in Pakistan with the specific imported agenda to derail its democratic system. But, he said, the masses will not allow the negative tactics of such elements to succeed. He said that those raising the slogans of change and revolution in the country should first reform themselves. He said that Punjab government of Pakistan Muslim League-N has laid the foundation of a real change in the province by following the policies of merit and transparency. He said that all out resources have been utilized for the betterment of the deprived segments of the society for raising their living standard and lakhs of poor families are benefiting from the ongoing welfare programmes of the provincial government.

Talking to Assembly Members of various districts, the Chief Minister said that the nation was still under the shocks and jolts given by Zar Baba and Forty Thieves when the jugglers enjoying a luxurious life in foreign countries imposed themselves on the people to increase their problems and sufferings. He said that 18 crore people of Pakistan want to know how those leading a peaceful life abroad had suddenly remembered their own country. He said that when the country was facing natural calamities like floods and dengue, those raising the slogans of change and revolution were relaxing abroad and enjoying luxuries of life. He said that people are fully aware of the imported agenda of such elements and will neither be hoodwinked by imported elements nor be deceived by their misleading propaganda. He said that corruption has been rampant in the country for the last about five years and national resources have been looted ruthlessly. He said that Zardari and his cronies have set records of corruption and loot in the country. He said that masses want to get rid of corrupt mafia as well as political jugglers and will not allow anyone to derail democratic system.

The Chief Minister further said that inefficient rulers of Islamabad have pushed the nation into darkness through their wrong policies and corruption while under the leadership of President Pakistan Muslim League-N Muhammad Nawaz Sharif the country will be brought out of crises and put on the road to progress and prosperity. He said that holding of timely elections is essential for the solidarity and survival of the country and no delay in this regard will be tolerated. He said that Punjab government has launched the process of development and progress in the province and if given opportunity by Allah Almighty this successful programme will be expanded to the whole country for the benefit of every citizen.

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