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Prisoners make security arrangements a mock in Punjab’s jails

Lahore: Central Jail prisoners have made all the security measure a mockery by doing every type of crime in jail premises with the connivance of corrupt jail staff.

According to the sources the prisoners who have the money to buy the staff ,could have each and every thing in their barracks.They can have food form home without any restrictions,daily usage goods,VCD,TV,blue movies,”magazines” sex stuff,frequent mobile phones and even drugs too.All they can have if they have enough money to buy these facilities,a source disclose to this subscriber.As many as 600 mobile phones had been recovered from the prisoners last year during the surprise visits of the senior officers.he added

According to the Police station Kot Lakhpat,they have registered more than dozen cases of drugs,time and again it was proved that drugs were being taken to jail with the help of jail staff.If they were not involved than how could it reached inside the jail when there was checking system outside the jail but in the premises of the jail.

It was quit interesting that present IG Jails Mian Farooq Nazeer was replaced on the charges of corruption framed by then minister Jails Ch Abdul Ghafoor.He had blamed that the prisoner women were being sent for prostitution outside the jail,so many women were pregnant due to this illegal and immoral crime,drugs sold in the jails and prisoners were tortured for not paying bribe to live with peace.All the question arisen by the minister were never replied. Minister could not get his portfolio back after leveling these allegations but the IG Farooq Nazeer made it possible after nearly a year.

It is also said when Mian Farooq Nazeer was superintendent Kot Lakhpat jail a prisoner Muhammad Yosaf was murdered by an outsider,all the jail staff was investigated in murder case by police except him as he was lucky enough to escape from the scene and returned after managing the people and the “law”

As per Lahore Police record,several criminal gangs were taking extortion money by threatening people on mobile phones from jails.Top ten criminals Aslam Basa,Mubeen Butt,Saqib Langra etc were being encountered in these crimes.

Meanwhile ,Superintendent Central Jail Lahore has said that the prisoners are kept in the jails as per prescribed rules and regulations and no prisoner is provided any undue facility. Mobile jammers have been installed in the jails and the use of mobile phones freely is almost impossible there. He said that prisoners are body searched at various points in the jail. He said that as per law, strict action is taken against the prisoner found in using forbidden items and even the same law is applied on the jails staff for such activities. He said that the jail administration is providing due facilities to the prisoners without any greed and is implementing upon the motto “Hate from crime not human beings”.

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