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Ethical values must prevail in clinical practice:Dr Masood Sheikh

Lahore: General Cadre Doctors Association president Dr Masood Akhtar Sheikh has said that . While addressing the press conference held on the Gujranwala incidence he lauded that the way general cadre doctors have reacted to the disgraceful event in Gujranwala, it gives a clear message that the seniors know how to get respect in the profession. No one should ever under estimate the strength of the seniors.

Flanked with the vice president dr Asim farooqui and joint secretary dr arif iftikhar, dr masood sheikh stressed that the chapters on medical ethics should be incorporated in the curricula of undergraduate and post graduate doctors, and special training workshops should be conducted for the house officers, post graduate trainee and junior doctors, to learn interpersonal relationship, and the way they should react with their seniors and juniors on the conflicting issues,. While special stress should be focused on the doctors patient relationship which is the key in the profession. He said that even in west the medical ethics are so important that doctors having a very good clinical skill but fails in medical ethics will not be allowed to clear the exams.

Dr Sheikh said that setting an example such conference of “ethical values in clinical practice” will soon be started by general cadre doctors association, to be followed by juniors. Dr Sheikh said the difference may arise anywhere but there is a legitimate way to react to such difference and to conclude on the issue with difference of opinions. He said that we being the ambassador of Pakistan, should try to reflect a soft image of the country on national and international level. Addressing the press conference dr Asim farooqui stressed that this time the people can see the difference as there was no strike in the BHU, RHC to teaching hospital despite the call by some of our colleagues, this is a great success of general cadre doctors who have the capacity to maintain the system despite adverse circumstances.
He added that the general cadre doctors continued to serve, with black ribbons. Dr Arif iftikhar said that a comprehensive national policy needs to be devised to overcome such issues in future, GCDA have formulated one committee to address such issues , we have conducted two meeting in this regard and a comprehensive plan will be devised to be presented at a provincial plate form. He said that we are of the view that difference should be sorted out by way of negotiation, not strike.

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