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An uninformed Canadian National was misguiding the masses:Anusha Rehman

Lahore: has stated that substantial work had been completed regarding the electoral reforms over the last two years and that an uninformed Canadian National was misguiding the masses. She pointed out that a sub-committee of the National Assembly Standing Committee of Law and Justice, of which she is a member, had already been working on electoral reforms that would strengthen the Election Commission.

She said that for better implementation of the election code of conduct, the recommendations include giving magisterial powers to election commission functionaries during elections, capping election campaign spending limit at 1.5 Million Rupees per candidate for National Assembly and 1 Million for Provincial Assembly. Additionally a candidate would only run their election campaign from one dedicated account and work only with GST registered companies. She added that the National Assembly standing Committee recommendations were before the Special Committee of Senate on Election issues, and the Election Commission Code of Conduct for candidates was to be formalized in its upcoming meeting with the Election Commission of Pakistan scheduled for Monday 7th of January. She said that Parliament had been working for the last 2 years on electoral reforms and were close to its finalization, so if Tahir ul Qadri still wishes to carry on with the long march, he needs to think of a new agenda.

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