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APCNGA accuses Dr. Asim responsible for energy crisis

Lahore: The All Pakistan CNG Association (APCNGA) on Friday said that on-going CNG crisis is artificial which has been engineered to boost imports of petrol, LPG and LNG to benefit certain lobbies on the cost of the country.

Adviser to the Prime Minister on Petroleum Dr Asim Hussain is behind the energy crisis which has crippled economy; he is biggest block in resolution of crisis therefore he should resign immediately, said Ghiyas Abdullah Paracha, Chairman Supreme Council APCNGA.

Speaking at a press conference, here today, he said that government is not trying to stop theft of gas gaining new proportions but destroying CNG sector to meet their unholy objectives.

Ghiyas Abdullah Paracha said that CNG sector has no alternative to operate therefore gas load shedding should be stopped, gas prices and taxes should be brought at par with other gas-consuming sectors otherwise APCNGA will start a protest movement from January 8th.

Later another peaceful demonstration will be carried out in Islamabad in which transporters and masses will also participate.

“Transporters and consumers would also join hands with CNG operators to get their rights protected,” he underscored.

The leader of the CNG sector said that politicians and bureaucracy is directly involved in the longest CNG crisis in the country’s history. They have made life miserable for 180 million people for personal welfare.

These elements are getting controversial policies approved and promoting influential sectors who would not pay proper taxes but lend support during upcoming elections.

Government had wicked objectives since the Supreme Court took note of the CNG issue; they delayed resolution of the problem for two and a half months under the pretext of policy guidelines and later came up with idea to close CNG filling stations, ban use of economical fuel in private vehicles and introduce costly liquid gasses.

The top officials also conspired to create gulf between CNG sector and masses while their objectionable decision have so far resulted in losses to the tune of billions to CNG station owners, tax collection mechanism and poor masses, he informed.

The ECC sub-committee formed to hammer out the issue was not allowed to work and later they were forced to announce a pricing that was not sustainable, he said.

Paracha said that government want to divert attention of masses from their failures by keeping them busy and confused. It also wants to promote petroleum, LPG and LNG mafias, justify purchase of a scrap LPG terminal on inflated rates.

He said that a mafia is calling the shots which have systematically removed patriotic and honest elements from petroleum ministry and related departments to ensure uninterrupted corrupt practices.

The energy crisis would have been resolved earlier has the adviser, who is a Canadian national focused on its resolution but unfortunately he run on all cylinders to destroy CNG sector hurting millions, he added.

A just and legal distribution of natural gas would have saved a lot of foreign exchange presently being wasted on addition petroleum imports.

Dr. Asim is behind to flight of multinational oil and gas companies from Pakistan therefore he should be immediately relieved and made to act as a doctor in his hospital only.

He asked as to why Dr. Asim has become a party in gas theft sheltering the corrupt; why he has never taken ECC or Cabinet into gas load shedding schedule, and why he is providing gas to captive power plants running on 20 per cent efficiency while Cabinet members say that gas can be best utilised by providing it to efficient power producing units which will end the crisis.

Paracha further said that Dr. Asim should come up with a clarification for forcing companies to appoint local agents of his choice for Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project which delayed the whole matter.

Why Byco is being exempted from tax for 20 years, why all refiners are being forced to open LCs with PSO and what was wisdom behind Bakri Oil which has resulted in a NAB probe.

He said that the adviser is forcing PSO to step into LPG business, over pricing low BTU gas to $ 9 and how come new companies announced injecting additional gas after announcement of Petroleum Policy 2012 which was previously held back.

The energy ministry extorted Rs 500 billion from masses and spent billions over IP, TAPI, LNG import with no results which is one of the biggest scam of the nation’s history.

Paracha said why Dr. Asim is holding meetings with textile and urea sector which does not fall under the ambit of his ministry while ignoring CNG stakeholders who are directly related to the job entrusted on him by the incumbent democratic government.

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