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Imported elements can not destroy the democratic system:Shahbaz Sharif

Lahore: Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that how can those imported elements, who lived luxuriously abroad for six years, now talk about checking corruption, while he has been raising his voice against loot and plunder of the corrupt rulers, from the very first day. He said Zar Baba and 40 Thieves have looted and plundered the country, during the last about five years. He said imported elements with an imported agenda are talking about change and revolution but are hiding corrupt people within their ranks. He said induction of teachers on merit, laptop distribution, internship programme, Educational Endowment Fund, prize distribution among position holders and giving guard of honor to brilliant student in Punjab is the true change and a revolution. He said the services rendered by Punjab government, for the last five years, in the fields of education, are unprecedented in the 65 years history of the country. He said no future government would be able to halt the splendid programme of laptop distribution among brilliant students on the basis of merit. He said we have empowered students with laptops and every brilliant student in Pakistan would be awarded laptop on merit. He said no quota for chief minister or a minister has been reserved under laptop scheme, and no one can raise a finger against it, as all steps and programmes of Punjab government are corruption-free and transparent.

Chief Minister was addressing laptop distribution ceremony among the brilliant students on merit basis at the historic Oval Ground of Government College University Lahore. The ceremony was attended by Special Assistant to Chief Minister Punjab Zaeem Hussain Qadri, assembly members, professors, teachers, parents and a large number of students. A smart contingent of Punjab Police presents guard of honor to the students who got laptops on merit basis. The Chief Minister announced a laptop from his own pocket for a girl student who presented Naat in a captivating manner.

Congratulating the students of Government College University, Lahore, who got laptops on merit basis, the Chief Minister said he is pleased to attend the function held in this great institution. He said Government College University, Lahore, is playing an important role in the promotion of quality education, while many persons who have studied in this prestigious institution are performing invaluable services at national and international levels. He said this great institution has produced leaders like philosopher-poet Allama Iqbal, who set the goal for the Muslims of the subcontinent. He said the country can be brought out of the darkness of poverty, ignorance and unemployment, through promotion of education and merit. He said, unfortunately, education sector was ignored in the past however Pakistan can be transformed from the country which gets aid to the one which gives aid by imparting education to every child. He said Punjab government has made education its top priority and has initiated unprecedented revolutionary programmes in this regard. He said the Punjab government has also included in its academic programmes, brilliant students from the four provinces besides Azad Kashmir. He said IT Labs have been established in more then four thousand schools, at a cost of Rs. 5 billion, where lakhs of students are getting education. He said 16 Daanish Schools have been established in backward and far-flung areas of the province to provide quality education to the children of the poor. He said 40 thousand brilliant students are being given scholarships, from Educational Endowment Fund worth Rs. 10 billion, who were unable to continue their academic journey because of financial constraints. He said prizes, worth Rs. 55 crore, have been distributed among boy and girl position-holder students, while brilliant students have also been sent abroad to visit international universities. He said post-graduate students are being provided professional training, under Internship Programme, four new universities for women are being established in Punjab, while four new medical colleges have also been set up in the province after 37 years. He said the first modern IT university of Pakistan is also being established in Punjab.

Addressing the ceremony, Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif said that had Zar Baba and 40 Thieves not plundered national resources, these resources would also have been spent on the brilliant students for their education. He said rulers sitting in Islamabad have made the country pauper but they will be held accountable. He said those who raised the slogan of “Parha Likha Punjab”, during the previous dictatorship wasted two and half billion rupees on building a splendid Chief Minister Secretariat, instead of utilizing the amount for education. He said the billions of rupees were also wasted on luxurious palaces, President House and Prime Minister House as well. He said Punjab government has utilized all its resources in a transparent manner for the welfare of the general public. He said we have also made mistakes but we are moving forward after learning from them. He said great Metro Bus Project would be operationalized by the end of this month, which would provide best traveling facilities and bring about a splendid change in the public transport system. He said citizens would be able to travel free-of-cost, during the first two weeks on Metro Bus, while concessionary fare for the students is also being considered. This marvelous project has been designed with free consultation of Turkey. He hoped that the students getting laptops would be able to design many such development projects. He said the country had to face natural calamities like floods and dengue, during which the imported people enjoyed in foreign countries, leaving the masses in distress. Chief Minister said that imported elements should realize that they are not bringing any revolution or change, but the Punjab government has laid the foundation of the real change and revolution by empowering the youth. He said one Khan Sahib taunted us with dengue, however he left the people in difficulty and went to London, but the leadership of Pakistan Muslim League-N stood with the people in difficulties. He said nations are formed when the leadership stands with the nation in difficult times. He said how can those who left the people alone in difficult situation and went abroad for tourism now talk about ending corruption and changing the destiny of the nation, while hiding thieves and looters in their ranks. He said are they talking about Quaid and Iqbal’s Pakistan or their own agenda? He said a lot of time has been wasted and a lot of water has flown under the bridges but there is still time for reforms, eliminating corruption and nepotism and bringing the country out of difficulties to change the destiny of the nation. He said we are endeavoring to eliminate ignorance from the country and, if opportunity of service is again given, Pakistan would be made a hub of knowledge. He said the younger generation has to step forward to bring the country out of crises it is currently facing. He said the foundation-stone of Kala Shah Kaku campus of Government College University Lahore would soon be laid.

In his address of welcome,paid glowing tributes to Chief Minister Punjab Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif for taking steps for improvement of education sector. He announced initiation of Shahbaz Sharif Debating Gold Medal in Government College University, Lahore. Later, the Chief Minister Punjab distributed laptops, among 1800 brilliant girl and boy students of the university.

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