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General cadre Doctors announce to keep the OPD open

Lahore: The General Cadre Doctors Association (GCDA) Punjab in its provincial council meeting, held on the issue of Gujranwala incidence, strongly condemns the brutal torture of senior doctors of general cadre, and announced to hold resolution for its condemnation in all 36 districts of Punjab. The letters have been dispatched to 36 districts, recommending that each district will hold such reference and send us the name of three senior doctors of the district to be incorporated in the district committees. GCDA further condemns that targeting senior doctors of the general cadre will not be tolerated any more and any strike on this issue will not be entertained.

The resolution announced that the general cadre doctors will not be involved in any kind of strikes and the OPD of whole of the province will be open, providing proper health care facilities to the patients coming to the tertiary care hospital. Further more there will be no strike in Tehsil and district hospital of the province. Speaking on the occasion the president GCDA Dr Masood Akhtar sheikh said that the image of the doctor’s community has been ruined in the general public, and if this is not stopped then the Pakistani doctors will loose their glory in national and international platforms, which will not be good for the country at large. Dr Masood sheikh said that doctors belong to a noble professional and the medic were given due respect even in the prehistoric eras, but unfortunately some peoples wants to spoil the image of the profession, which will not be allowed any more.

Addressing the meeting dr sheikh added that it is highly unjustified that the start of a new year is disgraceful, the general cadre doctor have finally resorted to protect the dignity and glory of the profession. Speaking on the occasion Dr Asim Farooqui said that these elements have no links with the doctor’s community, and we do not accept any responsibility for their act, rather we strongly condemn it. He added that now the responsibility lies on the shoulder of doctor to protect the image. General secretary Dr Rana Rafique, Dr Asad Abbas shah, Dr Asim farooqui, , Dr Arif Iftikhar, Dr Ejaz Warriach, Dr Shahid, Dr Aslam Hameed, Dr Alia, Dr shazia, Dr Muhammad Arif, Dr Shahid Choohan, Dr Muhammad Gulzar, Dr Mahmood Shaukat, also spoke on the occasion.

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