Wednesday , June 20 2018
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Rough doctors announce strike again in Punjab

Lahore:The rough doctors have announced strike again in Punjab after thrashing a MS of Divisional Head Quarter Hospital Gujjranwala and some journalists who were gathered there to cover the sad incident.

The so called young doctors severely beaten up an old beard Medical Superintendent Anawr Amanullah just to terrified the staff and the management of the hospital so no one could dare to ask them for duty.When the local journalists reached at the hospital the bad boys also quarrel with them and tried to break their cameras.Luckily,after some while ,police reached the spot ,arrested the culprits and restore peace.

Today ,in the evening YDA leadership while giving the justification regarding the worst example of the medical history,presented lame excuses and announced strike in all the public hospitals of the province till the release of the arrested doctors.

People have demanded stern action against the bad boy who were more rough and less doctors.

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