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Alliance with Peoples Party will remain intact:Pervaiz Elahi

Lahore: Pakistan Muslim League senior central leader and Deputy Prime Minister Ch Pervaiz Elahi has said that PML’s alliance with Peoples Party will remain intact and in the next elections seat adjustment will also be done, electoral reforms are necessary but not given any indication to participate in the long march nor there has been any talk between Dr Tahir ul Qadri and us in this regard, electoral reforms can take place before the elections on which we will try for broader consensus including Dr Tahir ul Qadri, bitter experience of bye-elections regarding Election Commission is before us.

Addressing a crowded press conference at his residence here today, Ch Pervaiz Elahi said that PML alliance with Peoples Party is working smoothly, we also have alliance with Sunni Ittehad Council headed by Sahibzada Fazal Karim, in the elections we will try to have alliance and seat adjustment with other parties including Tehrik Minhajul Quran of Dr Tahirul Qadri which has entered the field with a new thinking. Muhammad Basharat Raja, Senator Kamil Ali Agha and Ch Zaheeruddin Khan were also present on the occasion.

The Deputy Prime Minister said that bitter experience in the bye-elections about the Election Commission is before all, Election Commission could not stop N-League from indulging in rigging despite our reservations, N-League also brought bad name to the Election Commission, because of this they are doing cat walk with two third majority in their pocket even before the general elections. Ch Pervaiz Elahi threw a challenge that those claiming good governance during last five years in the Punjab should compare with our tenure, the projects which they describe as golden projects are all flops, reports of Auditor General Punjab and NAB have pinpointed massive level corruption in these projects, roads are broken and reconstructed again in particular in “Jangla Bus” all rules and regulations have been openly flouted and violated for which they will have to answer. He pointed out that Metro Train project, foundation of which was laid by us, was the most modern project of the worlds on which not a single pie of Punjab Govt. and people was spent whereas on “Jangla Bus” subsidy of Rs one billion per month will be provided out of the tax money of the people. He said that N-League govt. is running due to kindness of the media otherwise they are not doing any good work as such. He said that life of Lahore Metro Train Service infrastructure was more than 100 years on which 35 thousand passengers would have travelled every hour while the life of “Jangla Bus Service” is only few years and will carry only 5000 passengers per hour. He said this project has put “Janglas” between the people of Lahore, families living in Lahore and culture of Lahore. He said this project will prove to be graveyard of N-League in Lahore, Ferozepur Road in last eleven months has been fully completed three times and broken again. He said that in the expenses being incurred on “Jangla Bus”, expenditures to be incurred on the destroyed roads, electricity, telephones, gas, water pipelines and their installations again and repairs are not being mentioned anywhere.

Ch Pervaiz Elahi said that the result of the five years performance of the present Punjab Govt. is before the media people, trillions of rupees of the public money have been dumped in the failed and flop schemes and this has also been verified by the Auditor General Punjab and Chairman NAB. Continuing, Ch Parvez Elahi said for the “Jangla Bus” project rendering Punjab bankrupt that under the “good governance programme” of Shahbaz Sharif, thousands of shops have been demolished and destroyed, shopkeepers are sitting idle with no business to do and poor salesman and small employees have been rendered unemployed in thousands. He said the present rulers should have fear of the wrath of Almighty Allah and pay the compensation to the affectees first on priority basis. He said against this our record, construction projects started by us including Ring Road, Under Passes, not only the owners of the land but also the tenants were adequately compensated according to their satisfaction. He said further that during our tenure of five years in the Punjab, we had constructed new 37 thousand kilometers long roads, more than the previous 55 years, completed Lahore Ring Road up to 70 per cent and Lahore Kasur Road was also completed to the extent of 90 per cent by us but they have put their plaques on these projects claiming that these have been constructed by them.

He said that during his tenure of five years, his objective was to bring about welfare, social and economic change among the people of the entire province, they are talking loudly about “change, change” but the process of change during his tenure had covered rapidly long distances in all fields and sectors including health and education, they have put all the resources of the Punjab on just 27 kilometer road in Lahore, made peoples resources as their own “jageer” and made the people die of hunger, businesses of the large number of people have ended, people are struck up for hours together in massive traffic jams causing huge loss of fuel worth about Rs 5 crore daily, diseases are also born additionally whereas there are 8 hospitals on this road, peoples access to these hospitals in the serious emergency has been made quite difficult while the difficulties being faced by the people and the students in going to and coming from schools, colleges, mosques and offices located on the way.

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