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PPP ambitions to conquer Punjab will remain only dreams:Tariq Azeem

Lahore:has said that ambitions to conquer Punjab will remain only dreams, as the people are now sick of politics of martyrdom used only for grabbing power.

Commenting on President Zardari’s remarks that Bilawal Bhutto would conquer the hearts in Punjab, he said the PPP was free to employ all possible strategies to win elections. But it must remember that the people were the sole power to seat or unseat the governments on the basis of performance.

The PMLN leader said the past and the present tenures of PPP had proved the fact that it lacked the will and the vision required for formulating policies which could tackle the socioeconomic and socio-political issues faced by the 180 million Pakistanis according to needs of the day.

He said it was very much clear that the PPP wasn’t able to keep in touch with changing domestic and international realities, and still banked on traditional politics revolving around the caste, clan and SHO. He added that the current insignificant political status in urban centres and rising hatred in the rural areas weren’t enough to act as eye-opener for the PPP leadership, which was busy in sustaining through compromises.

He reiterated that it was the PMLN which made Pakistan a part of global economy, struggled for civilian supremacy and took practical steps to normalise Paki-India relations.

Senator Tariq Azim demanded the PPP government to realise the gravity of situation and announce the elections date to end the prevailing confusion and counter the moves of anti-democratic forces.

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