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Women Development Package is a milestone in the history of Pakistan:Anusha Rehman

Lahore: Leader of Pakistan Muslim League-N, Member National Assembly and Convener Legal Committee on Women Development Package Punjab Anusha Rehman has said thatand if we came into power at centre, Women Development Package will be enforced throughout the country. She said that Women Development Package is an important step of Punjab government of PML-N to bring the women into national mainstream. She said that this package is aimed at empowering the women and protecting their legal rights. Anusha Rehman said that under this package the condition of submitting application for distribution and transfer of land among the heirs in rural areas has been abolished. She said that the objective of this step is to eliminate negative tradition of usurping the legal rights of women in joint accounts.

Anusha Rehman said that approval of women protection and distribution of property bills by Punjab assembly is a good omen. She said that for the first time in the history the right of women in the share of property has been protected in the light of the recommendations of Legal Committee set up by Chief Minister Punjab. She said that with the approval of this Bill, the forgery in grabbing inherited property of women will be eliminated. She said that before this Package, various tactics were used for depriving the women of inherited property but now their share in the inherited property will be transferred automatically without any application. She said that after the death of head of a family, Revenue officials will be bound to transfer the property.

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