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Movement starts for restoration of PMA Lahore

Lahore: On principal grounds PMA should have been the oldest and unanimous doctor representative organization but unfortunately for past 20 years this organization has lost confidence from all the doctors and is non functional at the moment. The reason being that PMA has lost its democratic values and no elections were held in this organization since 1994. A bunch of proclaimed PMA personals hold elections on their own in order to elect them but practically they did nothing for the doctor’s community. Two years back more than 2000 doctors contacted these self proclaimed PMA representatives and applied for PMA registration along with registration fee but they were not registered nor they were returned the deposited fee. After repeated demand to these self proclaimed PMA representatives these doctors consulted the courts for their membership. The court specifically advised PMA to give membership to all the doctors and up till then withhold the elections so that all the doctors have been given the membership but these fake representatives denied the membership to doctors. The doctors filed a contempt of court case against these doctors. This particular group instead of complying the order of court held a fake election in back dates to again select themselves. For past twenty years these four or five doctors are again and again holding fake elections to select themselves without any contest. The reality is that since 1994 no election has been held and they are violating the law in general and in special of article 6,7 and 8. It is worth mention that this so called PMA group president and general secretary are electing themselves without contest since 8 years and this year they also planned a dummy election on 31st December and paper withdraw date of 26th December. When they saw the doctor’s community is uniting under platform restoration of PMA they announced that elections have been conducted on 17th of December and once again reelected themselves.
Seeing this pathetic situation the doctor’s community has no choice but to gather together and start a movement who prime objective is to restore the original and representative PMA to its position and make sure that PMA elections are held according to law with all the transparency and this process should continue in future.

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